Flags & Mats

We carry a wide variety of outdoor flags and door mats. These flags are made specifically for outdoor use, and come in two sizes; garden flag size or standard flag size. All flags are made from UV resistant material so the colours will not fade.

To go along with your flags are our Mat Mate mats. These mats come in the same designs ad the flags so you can coordinate your outdoor décor. The mat backings, and trays are made from recycled rubber and have the ability to switch the center design so the mats can be changed with the season. Like the flags the mats are made from UV resistant materials and will stay vibrant and lively throughout the seasons.


Both the flags and mats are available in a variety of themes for summer, winter, fall, spring and holidays! We stock the flags and mats year round. Stop by today to see which ones are available, availability varies depending on season.