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My Life, My Space, Modulounge.

What if you could have a uniquely versatile, modular outdoor lounge that could evolve seamlessly over time? Enter … the Modulounge. This outdoor lounge concept features a sleek, modern aluminum structure with modular components specifically designed to shape a variety of spaces, with optional add-ons to customize the esthetics and/or functionality of the lounge.

The strength of this design resides in the various accessories which are easy to install, even after the main structure has been assembled.

With its clever system of patented easy-lock fasteners, your Modulounge can be customized effortlessly over time. Several options are available for the roof and walls to help you create a space perfectly suited to your needs, whether it be creating more intimacy, shade or adding features to relax in style. And if you ever want to update your Modulounge to reflect evolving market trends, or simply because your needs have changed, you’ll love those customizable features, created specifically for the Modulounge.

Each component of the Modulounge was developed with infinite possibility in mind, so your Modulounge can stand the test of time, thanks to its evolutive modular design, and exceptional durability.

An innovative, award-winning outdoor lounge/pergola concept by Canadian designers.

From the Lounge Factory website, "At the heart of the Modulounge design lies our attention to detail, our obsession for simplicity and our search for a timeless look with no compromise to function. Because design is not merely a means to an end at Lounge Factory; it is a way of life and a passion."

All-weather resistance makes the Modulounge ideal for all climates, and the choice of selective consumers. Winner of the Grands Prix du Design awarded by Agence PID in the home furniture, industrial design category.

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