Remnant Steel

Remnant Steel’s Website:

Remnant Steel is a local Saskatoon manufacturer of decorative metal privacy screens, house numbers and metal art. The name remnant is derived from the idea that we are a small part of the whole. In each and every one of their products Remnant strives to create artistic pieces that bring joy, inspire creativity and enhance your yard or indoor space in conjunction with everything else that makes your space uniquely you.

Remnant uses computer numerical control (CNC) cutting technology to cut our metal designs. Each design that they make gets converted into a series of numbers which is then fed into a machine which controls the operation of the CNC cutter. The result is beautiful, precise designs cut into steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

We are proud to be Remnant Steel’s Retailer for Saskatoon. Our showroom is filled with a variety of panel samples and in-stock wall art.

Let us assist you in picking the perfect size and design for your screen and have them made to order. Any non-stock products take about 4-6 weeks to be produced. Stop by today to find out more about Remnant’s products.